Brightburn Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop – Will Brightburn be like Superman movie?

Brightburn Box Office Collection

Brightburn Box Office Collection

Brightburn is a superhero horror film produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang. Starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, and Meredith Hagner. This is a new Superman story but in a different angle, if Superman turns out to be evil. Then Brightburn the exact story. Which may help Brightburn to do great in Box Office. Hence, we are here to see Brightburn Box Office Collection and also check if Brightburn is a Hit or Flop.

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The movie follows a young alien who lands on earth. A couple with no child adopt the alien who is actually like a human. After some year he realizes he has superpowers. Eventually, he creates a Chaos around the town and kills many people.

Brightburn Box Office Collection

Brightburn Box Office Collection Collection (Millions)
1st Day Collection 5.82
2nd Day Collection 3.43
3rd Day Collection 3.42
4th Day Collection 2.76
5th Day Collection 2.10
6th Day Collection 1.72
7th Day Collection TBA
8th Day Collection TBA
9th Day Collection TBA
10th Day Collection TBA
Brightburn Total Collection $19.2 M

Brightburn Box Office Collection Prediction

The Response of Brightburn is not that great. In fact, We cannot say or describe Brightburn to be great in Box Office. But if the movie performs well in the 1st day and the audience like the movie, then the expected to cross around 20 to 40 Cr in the Box Office Collection.

Duration Positive Talk Negative Talk
1st Day $01M $0.5M
2nd Day $05M $0.9M
3rd Day $05M $1.1M
Opening weekend $05M $3.5M
Total Collections $12M $5 M

Brightburn Hit or Flop

Brightburn movie is made with a budget of $7 Million. According to Movie-rater’s HOFS scale, this movie should make more than $10M to declare as a hit movie. But, the movie is yet to release, hence it better to see its performance in the box office and then decide is Brightburn movie is a Hit or Flop.

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